The last day is a major 54 mile ride with diverse scenery,streams to ford,the Coquihalla pass and highway, a ride through forest and finally the Othello-Quintette tunnels into Hope.There are many motels in Hope so dont worry about getting a room.The most sensible way to return to Vancouver is by Via train.It only runs on certain days and one must call ahead at least two days to arrange the flag stop. It is in this section of the route where we find the nemesis of the railway operation....the Coquihalla Pass.Subject to frequent and unpredictable rock and snowslides it is to date... and will probably remain... the one section which is closed to the public.But though forced to use the Trans Mountain Pipeline road at the bottom of the pass one cannot help but realize the difficulties involved in maintaining a rail line which snaked along the mountain walls high above us.In fact so precipitous was this section it is said that the railroad scheduled their passenger service though the pass at night so as not to frighten the passengers.But what a would sure make one hell of a steam excursion.

Kettle Valley