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galiano photos Named after the Spanish explorer Captain Dionisio Alcala Galiano who explored the area at the end of the 18th century, Galiano Island is one of the larger Gulf Islands at just under 60 sq. kilometers and a population of about 1200. As like all of the islands the topography of Galiano shows considerable variation from areas of flat farmland to steep hilly terrain.This along with its rocky coastline and numerous shell beaches makes Galiano Island an idyllic place for either day trips or a vacation retreat. And as on the other large islands there is plenty of recreational choice from hiking and biking to diving and sea kayaking. Bird watching is also great ... particularly at The Bluffs Park where several pairs of bald eagles make their nests. Since all roads on Galiano Island are paved cycling is a great way to get about. An experienced cyclist can easily cover the entire island in about an 7 to 8 hour period although there are a few hills which are quite demanding. On Galiano Island most amenities can be found a short walk up the road from the Ferry dock at Sturdies Bay. Just make sure to stock up on water and other provisions in Sturdies Bay or the south part of the island because there are no stores on the north end. The entire South-North loop is about 38 miles.

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