Lakefield Quebec is located about 30 miles...a 50 minute drive ... northwest of Montreal in the foothills of the Laurentians Mountains. The area was first settled in the early 1800's by Irish immigrants who were drawn by the promise of free land in the new world. The land was free but their existence was difficult. Being mainly unskilled laborers their main source of income was from lumber and pot ash. There was an attempt at farming and vast areas were cleared of forest. However the soil was too rocky and basically non-arable. And this along with the severe winters and short growing season made farming a less than viable alternative. So after several generations the fields which they had struggled so hard to clear were reclaimed by the surrounding forests the only reminders of their existence being the loose stone walls and cedar rail fences which run for miles throughout the area. However as new roads and highways were built into the region the area opened up as part of a vast cottage country which stretched across the lower laurentians. The place known as Lakefield exists only as a few buildings and the landmark Holy Trinity stone church which was built in 1859.

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